IntArah 2017 - A Magical Evening

The 2017 IntArah Dream Embryo Auction was magical indeed, held in Las Vegas on Friday April 14th, 2017 during the 2017 Arabian Breeders World Cup Show. The IntArah Group offers its most sincere gratitude to the breeders who consigned their very best to the Dream Embryo Auction and to the Arabian community for their outstanding contribution to the breed.

The Dream Embryo Auction included 25 lots in total that represented the finest pedigrees available in the world today including Embryo Rights to some of the International communities most elite mares. An unborn foal sired by FA El Rasheem and out of Honey's Delight RB was the high selling consignment at $210,000. This years Auction totalled $1,982,500.00.

The incredible success of the first IntArah Dream Embryo Auction in the United States (2015) sparked great interest in an encore performance in Las Vegas. In 2011 the first IntArah Dream Embryo Auction in Brazil was just the beginning with an impressive $1,404,417 in total slaes, followed by the incredible results in 2015 of $1,450,000 in total sales. The rise in sales with each event indicates an encouraging trend in the wonderful world of the Arabian horse.

The magical 2017 IntArah Dream Embryo Auction in Las Vegas will be an event remembered for decades. The elegant evening and overwhelming success of the Auction brought many of us home to those magical memories of the Arabian auctions of yesteryear and reminded us all that the Arabian horse market is alive and well.

The IntArah Group salutes the consignors, the successful bidders and the Arabian community for making The IntArah Dream Embryo Auction one of the most exciting events of the year.

Written by Riyan Rivero for the IntArah Group


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