The IntArah Group is committed to the success, marketing and promotion of the Arabian horse. Owned by partners Luciano Cury, Mario Zerlotti and Cindy Mcgown, the IntArah Group shares a desire and mission to once again celebrate the excitement and economic benefit of high end auctions where breeders and buyers can expect to find the very best the breed has to offer.

We thank the following members of the Arabian Horse community for their support of IntArah


"“Intarah almost got me a divorce, when I couldn’t resist bidding on an embryo being carried by Shanghai’s mother, Salymah EA, “the Pride of Spain” — & Stu had to writ a check. But this incredible opportunity led to adventure travel when our beautiful FILLY was born at Equus Arabians in Barcelona, joyous new friendships, and entre into the Arabian community in Europe. Where else but Intarah do you enjoy the chance to get yourself in trouble like this?"

Carol and Stu Nierenberg

"We are excited to participate in the Intarah Embryo Sale this year. They provide the best opportunity today to market embryos by bringing buyer and seller together.  They have established a world reputation for integrity, hard work and most importantly, results!"

Mike Weinstein, Psynergy Enterprise Developments, LLC

"Both Kim and I are excited about Intarah 2019. Intarah is a world class staple in this industry that brings equal opportunity to every Arabian horse enthusiast. By utilizing Intarah's combined industry knollege and worldwide relationships the Intarah executives pair only the elite and or the proven producing and unreachable matriarch's with the hand picked world class sires to create extremely rare unborn foals that have the potential to catapult anyone to a world championship!! Looking back to when we began our Arabian horse breeding journey, Intarah is 1 of the best places on earth to dream, bid and then compete. Winning a chunk of $77,777 aint so bad either!!!!"

 Joe Orr - Rose City Arabians

"As breeders of the Arabian horse, we love the excitement and challenge of each new generation we create. The Intarah Auction adds a new depth to this enthusiasm. Now each of us has an opportunity to dream about an exciting new prospect, originating from one of the time honored matriarchs of our breed. As a participant in the first auction as a buyer, I felt it was one of the most exciting auctions I had ever attended. The mare and stallion combinations presented opportunities to the breeding programs of other great Arabian breeders. I also appreciated the respectful way I was treated as a buyer. The unique offerings, consignees, and international flair, all added to the festivities. I expect no less from this  current auction."

 Larry Jerome - Jerland Farms

North Arabians was excited to learn that the second IntArah Embryo Auction is now scheduled for Friday April 15 during the Eleventh AHBA World Cup Show at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas.  The first IntArah Auction was also held two years ago during  the 2015 World Cup Show.  It was a very successful event which featured embryos out of some of greatest mares in the Arabians Breed.  Plans for the 2017 event appear to be equally exciting and we are sure it will provide a unique opportunity to bid on embryos not normally available in such an environment.  This years AHBA World Cup shows is now clearly a “must attend” event for all serious Arabian breeders.

 Bob & Dixie North - North Arabians


"The IntArah Auction will provide breeders a rare opportunity to purchase offspring, sired by the leading sires of the world, from some of the most decorated mares in the world, in terms of their production record, mares that have already secured their place in the history books as consistent breeding horses. In my opinion, the IntArah Auction represents equal opportunity for the breeder (seller) and the buyer. - A very important and needed ingredient in successful horse marketing. Janene and I have consigned our absolute best."

 Bob Boggs - Midwest Station I

"Congratulations on a great auction and taking me to a point in time that I had never experienced--the old days of Arabian greatness in the USA.

 Bill Bensyl - Blue Star Farm Arabians


"I just wanted to shoot you an email to say what a fantastic night Saturday was with the auction. Our clients we brought over this year (first time to the USA looking for horses) are soooo thrilled with their purchase - it really was a dream come true for them!! It was all ran so professionally -brilliant night."

 Kate Dertell - Future Farms Australia

"As I walked into the 2015 Intarah auction in Las Vegas, I immediately recognized the positive energy in the room. It seemed that enthusiasm towards commerce in the Arabian horse scene was alive and well. Upon completion of the auction, my gut reaction was confirmed with the results. I'm excited to work with leadership in 2017. Intarah is clearly an effective and exciting avenue to take when you want to buy or sell a "top shelf" horse!"

 Andrew Sellman - Argent Farms


"The IntArah auction is a very interesting concept thats new and progressive and hopefully it will further develop itself over the years to come. There is so many options and directions to take this but it would certainly be interesting to attach a futurity auction class to it, for the lots sold. I failed to be a winning bidder last auction in Vegas but hopes are that this time there is something of our liking and we succeed! We are looking forward to all the different kind of initiatives to further develop the Arabian Horse Breed."

 Bart Van Buggenhout - Aljassimya Farm

"We have had great success with the purchase of our embryo from the IntArah Auction.  If there is a horse, embryo, or breeding that you would like to buy, I would highly recommend your purchase from the IntArah Auction."

 Maureen Grossman


"The IntArah Auction is on my list as of one of the best events I have seen produced in the United States in a long time. When my mother and I participated in last year's event, it reminded us of the great Lasma Auctions from the early 80's. The energy was just amazing and it was an exciting night to be a part of.

We look forward to consigning an embryo and working with the IntArah Group for 2017's auction."

 Lara Ames - Cedar Ridge Arabians & Arabian Horse Times