New Auction coming Vegas 2017

IntArah Press Release


January 28th, 2017


The IntArah Group is committed to the success, marketing and promotion of the Arabian horse. Owned by partners Luciano Cury, Mario Zerlotti and Cindy McGown, the IntArah Group shares a desire and mission to celebrate the excitement and economic benefit of high-end auctions where breeders and buyers can expect to find the very best the breed has to offer. The IntArah Auctions are recognized as a place where members of the Arabian community can participate in an event that will encourage the success, the energy and the glamour of the great auction sales of the 70’s and 80’s.

In 2011 The IntArah Group introduced its premier event and first of its kind, ‘The Dream Embryo Auction’, in Brazil. There were 35 consignments consisting of the finest unborn foals in the world. The live auction garnered over 1.9 million dollars in sales. Those in attendance will attest that the event was everything it had promised to be: elegantly designed with fine linens, beautiful lighting, excellent food and a spectacular opening with IMax style video presentation. It was impossible to not be stimulated by the powerful sound and beautiful visual display of creation presented in the video. It was then that the IntArah Group fully understood that the ‘Dream Embryo Auction’ was an idea and concept that could succeed worldwide.

The 2015 IntArah Dream Embryo Auction was truly a night to remember, held in Las Vegas on Saturday, April 18th, 2015, during the Arabian Breeders World Cup Show.

The Dream Embryo Auction included 18 Unborn Foals sired by and out of the finest pedigrees available in the world, and 6 Embryo Rights to some of the International community’s most elite mares. The Auction totaled $1,450,000.00 ($60,400.00 average sale price per lot). An Embryo Right to one of the most celebrated and beloved Arabian mares of our time, RH Triana, was the high selling consignment at $200,000.

The concept of the embryo auction is easily explained; the goal is to offer for sale unborn foals, also known as embryos that are of the finest bloodlines available in today’s market. The sires and dams of these foals will be many of the most successful Arabian mares and stallions in the world. The opportunity to purchase an unborn foal out of a mare that many breeders could only dream of owning, was the inspiration for the title, ‘Dream Embryo Auction’. Embryo sales have been quite successful in the private market for several years. The IntArah Group is motivated to providing that dream opportunity to the Arabian horse community in an elegant, tasteful and exciting setting, and believe that by doing so, the market will be once again ignited and inviting to those who seek the elegant lifestyle offered by the Arabian horse.

Every detail has been considered in both the process of consignment and the purchasing of these unborn foals. Careful consideration has been placed, practiced and confirmed to ensure both the buyer and the seller are not only satisfied, but encouraged to participate again. The embryos will be insured at the pound of the gavel in the new owner’s name and full detail of the location and gestation of the foal will be available prior to the event.

The 2017 IntArah Dream Embryo Auction will take place once again, in Las Vegas, the perfect stage in the city designed for dreamers. On Friday evening, April 14th,  the IntArah Dream Embryo Auction will open its doors of ‘The Showroom’ at the South Point Casino and welcome registered bidders, Arabian horse enthusiasts and participants to be seated at elegant tables with fine linens, beautiful lighting, wonderful music and video presentations of some of the most spectacular Arabian mares and stallions available. The event will include fine hors-devours, cocktails and first class service.

The IntArah Group invites you to join in the excitement of the 2017 Dream Embryo Auction, April 14th at The Showroom of the South Point Casino in Las Vegas. Visit the IntArah Booth at the Arabian Breeders World Cup Show to register to bid at the most exciting event of the year!

For more information and consideration for consignment, please contact one of the members of The IntArah Group: 

Luciano Curry,

Mario Zerlotti, (830) 444-1547

Travis Rice (614) 315-3682